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Ms Chew Huey Yen

Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms Chew Huey Yen was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director on 7 March 2021.

She has served as Singapore’s IPP Private Wealth Management Co., Lte. (Indonesia Lippo Group / OUE Group) as an advisor and director (Customer and Corporate Development Department) responsible for customer acquisition strategy business and corporate development and network. She was a consultant and advisor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s royal princes; one of which in the province of Jizan KSA, Jazan Economic City; the Bin Ladin Group and Saudi Oger Group. She joined Security Solutions Technology USA (Governement Appointee Company as VP International Relations in 2021 and focuses on government relations and industry partners in Asean region.

For the paste 10 years, her role has been to establish business relationships with Chinese government companies and Malaysian companies for business development and construction related projects such as power and energy; infrastructure projects; buildings of airports; ports etc. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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